Way back in 1966, we opened the first K-BOB’S Steakhouse in Clovis, New Mexico, deep in the heart of cattle country. 

The concept was simple. Serve folks delicious, mouth-watering steaks, hand-cut to perfection. Add to that our trademark farm fresh Salad Wagon, combined with homemade food and K-BOB’S famous down-home hospitality, all wrapped up at a reasonable price. Now, you really have something special! We proudly “Serve the Food America Loves” to over two million guests each year all over K-BOB’S Country.

You will love K-BOB’S homemade food and 
Hometown Hospitality

K-BOB’S is found in small and medium sized towns across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado. We are known for our home-town attitude: “Family, Church, School…then K-BOB’S”. We strive to be an integral part of the communities we serve and insist on the highest standards of quality and service for each of our guests. We treat you like family, serving up healthy portions of home-made cooking for lunch and dinner.

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