K-BOB’S  is  proud of the beef we serve! 

We know our industry and monitor our beef from the Pasture to the Plate. The journey starts at hard working American-owned and operated family ranches. Each ranch takes pride in their operations, providing the safest and highest quality standards for the cattle they raise. The aging and marbling of our steaks provide a flavor and tenderness found nowhere else at this value. That is why we are known all over K-BOB’S County for serving the food America loves!

K-BOB’S Guarantees Care from The Pasture To The Plate

We serve up Choice Steaks that are hand selected and handled with the utmost care and respect from the pasture to the plate. Order one of our delicious, mouth-watering, hand-cut to perfection steaks and you’ll see that we maintain the highest food quality and safety standards without sacrificing flavor and tenderness. Our commitment to our customers is to consistently deliver thickly-cut, seasoned, juicy flame-grilled to perfection, bold flavored steaks.

K-BOB’S Serves The Food America Loves

We’re known for our steaks and famously farm fresh Salad Wagon, but we also serve a wide array of homemade comfort foods that are loved across K-BOB’S Country. Our Chicken Fried Steak is unbeatable, the Seafood choices are fresh and tasty, and our Burgers are daily favorites. No pre-cooked or pre-packaged foods for us, so whatever you are in the mood for, stop in to your local K-BOB’S and give it a try…or heck try a little bit of everything!

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